About us

Snappy Tomato Pizza stores are owned and operated by hard working local Franchisees with a vested interest in providing our customers with high standards of menu quality and customer service. 

We only use the best quality ingredients to make our great range of Pizzas, Sides and Extras. The 3 key elements of any Pizza - Dough, Tomato Sauce and Cheese are supplied to us by some of the biggest, most successful and experienced suppliers in the industry. Our Pizza dough is made fresh in store everday using the best quality flour supplied by one of the leading UK flour millers. Our Tomato Sauce comes from Portugal from one of the biggest Pizza Sauce producers in the world with a reputation for superb quality and consistency and our cheese is supplied by Dairy Partners, a privately owned independent cheese producer with generations of experience using milk from National Dairy Farm Assured herds within a 40 mile radius of their base in Carmarthenshire. 

Quick facts

  • 1977
    First Snappy Tomato Pizza store opened in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA
  • 1987
    First UK store opened in Hayes, Middlesex
  • 1990
    Fifth UK store opened in Spon End, Coventry
  • 18 locations
    Now trading from Elgin in the north of Scotland to Dorchester in the south of England
  • 1562
    The Flour for our Pizza bases is supplied by one of the oldest established Flour millers in the UK - tracing their history back to 1562’
  • 1965
    Our Tomato Sauce is supplied by one of the largest producers worldwide, based in Portugal and established for more than 50 years.
  • 3.5kg
    The Beast Pizza - the biggest pizza in town at 24” long by 18” wide and weighing up to 3.5kg and can feed up to 12 big appetites

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